Discover the Grotte de Pair-non-Pair, one of the oldest painted caves in the world! featuring horses, ibexes, cervidae, mammoths… which rank among the most ancient examples of art made by prehistoric man, between 33 000 and 26 000 years old.

Third painted cave revealed to the world. Pair-non-Pair was discovered by an eminent archaeologist, François Daleau, in 1881. Acquired by the State in 1900, it became the first cave to be classified as a historical monument.

A key site for understanding prehistory. François Daleau’s work was one of the first scientific digs at a prehistoric cave using progressive excavation of the archaeological layers and recording all the artefacts found. Pair-non-Pair continues to occupy a major place in contemporary prehistoric and paleontological sciences.

A precious testimonial of the planet. Occupied for 60,000 years, before and after the Aurignacian, the cave has given up 15,000 tools and 6,000 bones from 60 animal species, sources of information on the evolution of the human race and the lithic and osseous industries, but also the climate and the environment.