In the heart of Saint Émilion, this historic establishment, dating back to 1848, stands as one of the town’s oldest restaurants. Its charming logis, reminiscent of its storied past, houses plush and cosy dining rooms, mirroring the elegance found in its guestrooms, perfect for overnight stays.

Under the helm of Chef Thibaut Gamba, the kitchen now operates with a delicate touch, showcasing the finest local produce, including fruits, vegetables, and honey sourced from the estate’s own farm. The restaurant boasts a splendid wine cellar, featuring an impressive selection of Bordeaux reds, which perfectly complement the establishment’s superlative range of cheeses.

Photo by Annick Chauvel

Since 2017, Chef Thibaut Gamba’s culinary prowess has been acknowledged with a coveted Michelin star. His cuisine, which marries classicism with creativity, is characterized by elegance and inspiration, with a focus on plant and seafood-based dishes influenced by techniques and cultures from around the world.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests are greeted with the refined hospitality emblematic of Logis de la Cadène. A comfortable lounge, complete with a fireplace, sets the stage for an exceptional dining experience, where guests can savour a glass of wine or champagne before indulging in the Chef’s starred cuisine.

This seamless blend of elegance and service excellence is what defines the Michelin-starred restaurant at Logis de la Cadène, inviting guests to indulge in culinary moments of profound emotion and sensory delight.

Facilities & Services
  • Air conditioning
  • Interesting wine list
  • Terrace

Logis de la Cadène is situated less than an hour’s drive from Parc St Vincent.