Boat Aux Saveurs, established in 2011 in the lovely town of Marmande, combines over a decade of culinary expertise with a modernized “Chartreuse” setting, creating a warm and stylish atmosphere. Operated by a mother-daughter team, and led by Chef Annabelle Boat, the restaurant prides itself on its seasonal and local focus, sourcing ingredients from their own garden and local suppliers. A regularly changing menu ensures diners are treated to a diverse array of culinary creations based on seasonal availability, with the “Menu Des Saisons” standing out as a highlight.

Photo by Стёпа K (kesteum), Local Guide

Customer reviews consistently praise the beautiful presentation of dishes. The friendly and attentive staff contribute to the overall positive dining experience, while the restaurant’s reasonable prices for fine dining add to its appeal, offering excellent value for discerning diners seeking quality cuisine in an inviting setting.

Reservations: Reservations are only accepted through phone call +33 5 53 64 20 35. They no longer do Gift Vouchers.

Facilities & Services

– Car park
– Terrace
– Wheelchair access

The distance from Parc St Vincent to Boat Aux Saveurs, Marmande, is just a 20-minute drive.